The Ergo-Med Gyöngyös Kft. could achieve a high level technological development with the support of the EU and the European Regional Development Fund. Within the frame of the project 1 new medical equipment and a modern notebook was bought and installed.

Ergo-Med Gyöngyös Kft.
Dr. Balláné dr. Ilona Füleky manager, +36 (37) 318-166; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Headquarter: 3271 Visonta, Erőmű u. 11.
Site of achievement: 3200 Gyöngyös, Jókai u. 14.

The equipment was imported from the USA.


Complex technological development at the ERGO-MED Gyöngyös Kft.


The ERGO-MED Gyöngyös Kft. also applied for the “Complex technological development for micro-, small- and middle companies” project within the frame of the Széchenyi Plan. The project covered the investment of equipments and modernizing the company.

The project was supported by the National Development Agency. The collaborator organization is the Hungarian Economic Development Centre.

Within the frame of the project a HITACHI-ALOKA F37 middle class ultrasound diagnostic equipment was installed for radiological, vascular, soft tissue and gynaecological application. The ultrasound equipment is used by almost all of our specialist, which makes the diagnostic work easier.

Project identification number: GOP-2.1.1-12/B-2013-0645